About Us

Our Vision

E-commerce - global online shoppingThe success of out business comes from our passion to delight our customers from around the world.  Our vision is the creation of a global shopping experience that aims at giving you the best customer experience from or order all the way to delivery to your door, wherever you may be on earth.  

We aim to shorten delivery time giving you the option of choosing warehouses closest your resident country to ensuring that you not only get free shipping but best possible prices for quality products. 

Our Mission

covid, stay safe, stay indoorsOur store was founded in 2021 when the Covid pandemic hit catastrophic highs and staying indoors became a way of life.  Our mission is to know our customers. We want to be a part of their lives and support you in these uncertain times. We want each experience you have with us to leave you with a smile, whether it’s a confirmation email, an added detail on the packaging or even the return of an unwanted or damaged order.

Sure, we’re only human and we make mistakes, but when we do, we confront them honestly, openly and immediately, doing everything we can to make things right.