Fully Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes

  1. Fully enclosed cat litter box

Odor control, privacy for your kitty and a really smart design is what you can expect from these elegantly designed litter boxes.  

Having a feline companion can be an adventerous experience. Cuddly, affectionate, goofy, and mysterious. Whether they are large breeds or small, their antics will soon have you giggling (or cursing!). But as wonderful as these fur babies can be, cleaning your cat's litter box is never a fun task. And leaving it unattended is unhealthy for your kitty – and for yourself.

8 benefits of an enclosed litter box.

Enclosed Litter box

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1. It’s a great way to conceal the mess: Enclosed litter boxes hide the mess that litter trays display so proudly. Just because you room with a cat doesn't mean your house should look like a barnyard. Both you and your cat love hygiene. Enclosed litter boxes are out of sight and out of mind, though. Thus, you need to maintain a calendar (and the discipline) to clean the litter box religiously. 

2. Prevents cats from litter tracking: Ever found yourself brushing pebbles off the bottoms of your bare feet? Or sweeping away litter from the floor at random times of the day? With an enclosed litter box you can save yourself the trouble.

Cats have a habit of digging through their litter before doing their thing — they can dig like it is nobody’s business. Often litter spills all over the place, making the whole room messy. Enclosed litter boxes keep the litter contained inside at all times. 

3. No smelly business: With an enclosed bathroom for your cat, you don’t need to worry about any unpleasant odors that might (will) come wafting out of the box. Enclosed spaces work wonders for containing the smell — better than any scent, candle, powder, or other witch's brew you can buy. 

If you scoop out the litter regularly, the box shouldn’t smell. Besides, you and your guests won't have to gaze into an open cat bathroom in the middle of the living room. A definite plus!

4. Acts as an accent: Your home deserves better than plastic trays, open boxes, or repurposed laundry baskets. We're not really into the litter-box-as-furniture trend that's taken over some corners of the cat-loving internet. Mainly, we like litter boxes that work for our pets. We don't want to make our kitties crawl in and out of wicker frames to pee. But a minimalist litter box can give your room an elegant look.  

5. Settles the dog-and-cat war: Dogs love eating cat nuggets. Is that gross? You bet. But that's life when you love both a cat and a dog. 

You could try dog-proofing the litter box with a baby gate, doorstop, or latch. These solutions often prove more troublesome for the humans in the house than they do for the dog, however. 

But you do need to solve the problem, and not just because of the ick factor. Dogs themselves can contract bacterial infections or intestinal worms from eating cat feces. Plus, ingesting too much litter can cause severe constipation for your beloved pup. So you want to stop your dog from eating cat poop as soon as you can. 

Lidded litter boxes provide a good option for pet lovers who want to shut down their dog's illicit snack bar for good.

6. Travel is easy: If you plan to vacation with your cat, you'll have a lot to take care of — water, food, toys, towels, and pet-friendly accommodations (psst: Amtrak welcomes pets.) With all that in mind, it is much easier for you and your cat to travel with an enclosed litter box. You minimize the chances of an unfortunate lspill in the car on a hot day. 

7. Keep it in: Enclosed litter boxes help high-pee-ing cats not spray the walls of your house or bathroom while taking a leak. They also help keep the litter inside the box. No smells, no pebbles, no messy floor to mop. 

8. Preserve your cat's dignity: Shy, quiet, reserved cats — the kinds that live in libraries and bookstores — will likely love the privacy of an enclosed space. That said, nobody likes to feel boxed in completely. Having an enclosed cat litter cabinet means a space where a cat can retreat in peace. But they can also see out through the opening, hear people or other animals, and not feel trapped. 

Cats, like the rest of us, need a good place to go when they have to go. By "good place," we mean a space that works for both you and your cat — safe, clean, and attractive.

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Fully enclosed Litter boxes

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