Aqua Bag - Level up your workout

Edwin "Eddie" Rivera and William "Brill" Ryders, the creators of the Aqua Training Bag in 2014 knew something had to change after their members repeatedly sustained injuries from sand - filled bags.

I their search for sustainable, durable bags without any painful hard spots they created what we now thankfully know as the aqua bag.  

Why is this the perfect training tool?

Flexibility - The water have more gove with the ability to absorb Kinetic energy.

Enhanced Training - Help users train harder and longer without the risk of injury and pain.  No more holding back to avoid injuring knuckles and joints.

Effortless Filling - Aqua bags can be drained and filled in minutes and you can control how hard or soft your bag is.

Easy Transportation - Empty your bag and take it along to your training venues.

Low - cost Shipping - With scrumdiddlyumtious, its free!  Bags are super light so far less expensive to ship.

The "Real" Feel - The composition of these bags creates a sensation similar to striking a real human body - idea for MMA Fighters andprfessional boxers.

Balance control - The unstable water mass that flows through our yoga weight bags will result in better moving patterns and performance when working out with aqua bags.

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