Halloween 2021-Jim Mckenzie's Monster Mother to get you inspired.

Halloween, for me, is the most exciting time of the year yet making it my biggest obsession.  With Halloween just over a month away, I decided to inspire you with a bit of Jim Mckenzie's Wickedly wonderful designs.  

So if your list of 'must watch movies' include Beetlejuice and Edward Scissor hand, I am pretty confident this blog is just for you.

Visit his website at https://www.jimmckenzieart.com/ for more magical designs.  He's inspired me to try my hand at clay......(it was a disaster) ..... but I am sure there are artists out there waiting to showcase their natural born talents.

Inspired to give clay sculpting a go?  Give halloween your personal spin on monsters?

Grab your clay sculpting tools now in store!  Here is my list of must haves:  Remember, you can still use discount code: LIGHT to get a further 25% off these already low prices until the end of September so hurry!  Your inner artist is waiting to be fed.

pottery tool trimming knife Clay

Your tools make the difference

Polymer clay sculpting tools

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DAS Air-Drying with Natural Pottery Clay

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Of course if you're not in the mood to dye, these fabulous pre-dyed packs will have you creating whimsical designs in no time.

12/24/36pcs/lot Playdough DIY Tool Soft Plasticine Toy Polymer Clay