Completely Tone your body with 3- moves on the Cable Machine.

When was the last time you gave the cable machine some love?  Avoiding the pulleys are we?  Unlike most machines, the cable machine doesn't lock you into a fixed motion and it comes with max power-building benefits.  Need a bit of a push?  Here are three simple steps to get your body in that perfectly sculptured condition.  Taken from WomensHealth Magazine.  The following tips were greatfully given by Kristen Canning.  Click on her link for more excellent fitness articles.

  1. Choose your attachment: Most gyms have options—stirrup handles, split ropes, pull-down bars. You can clip each one onto the cable. Start with a few basic moves (like the ones below) until you’re familiar with which attachments go with certain exercises. (Triceps moves tend to call for split ropes, and back exercises often call for bars, but there are tons of different combos to try.)
  2. Adjust the pulley: After taking the pin out of the weight stack so there’s no resistance, move the height of the pulley up or down (it usually has a pin or release handle that holds it in place, but machines vary) to suit the exercise you’ll be doing. For upperbody moves, like a chest press or chop, make sure the height is set so that you can complete the exercises without having to raise your shoulders, which should always be down and back, according to Cosgrove.
  3. Pick your number: Place the pin in the appropriate weight plate. The load should make it challenging to finish the sets and reps, but not so much that you lose your form. That middle ground is your sweet spot.

I've found this brilliant Pulley cable workout video as well that I hope will inspire your routine.

Ready to get started? Mix these staple cable exercises into any workout routine.

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